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SuperSonic Chopper Tall

SuperSonic Chopper Tall

SKU: 11156646

You are one pull away from processing food like a professional chef!

The SuperSonic Choppers will help you chop, mix, stir, blend and emulsify like a pro, just by pulling the handle.

This food Chopper is unlike anything you have seen before. With the different inserts, blade and paddle, you can quickly create an endless variety of delicious meals!

And gain some precious minutes by using the SuperSonic Choppers to chop, mince and stir like a chef. Thanks to the intricate design of the blades, you can reduce your mincing and chopping time in half, while its environmentally friendly manual stirring mechanism means you can easily take it anywhere--no electricity needed!

The SuperSonic Chopper Tall is perfect for:

  • Dips, sauces and spreads: salsa, guacamole, sambal, compound butter, hummus, tapenade, chicken dip, cheese spreads and more.
  • Breakfast: Smoothies, omelets, energy balls …
  • Desserts: Milkshakes, fruit lollipops …
  • Or simply chop various ingredients for all your recipes: herbs, garlic, shallots, onions, peppers, olives, peanuts, cashews, almonds and other nuts, carrots and other vegetables or fruits …


Chop, mix, stir, blend and emulsify like a pro, and reduce your chopping time in half just by pulling the handle. No electricity needed with this manual food processor–one pull activates the blades.

Zero cooking experience required for amazing results!: The SuperSonic Chopper Tall is very simple and safe to use.

Time Saving: Specially engineered blades finely chop an entire onion, couple of carrots, coriander or prepare a simple sauce in less than 40 seconds with only 5 pulls. Cutting food prep time.

Use it anywhere!: No electricity needed with this manual food processor–one pull activates the blades.

Convenient: This versatile Chopper will be your everyday kitchen partner to create both simple and gourmet meals. The combination with the Paddle Insert allows you to prepare everything from omelets with veggies to delicious smoothies.

The SuperSonic Chopper Tall will fit comfortably in even the smallest kitchens, thanks to its compact size. All attachments nest into the base of the SuperSonic Tall.


  • Material
    Base: TP, SEBS
    Blade insert: POM, PP, STAINLESS STEEL
    Bottom cover: PBT
    Paddle insert: POM
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product : W 10.7 x H With cover 15.3 x L Considering the handle 11.3 Ø - cm / W 4.2 x H With cover 6 x L Considering the handle 4.5 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product : Usable capacity 400 ml - Base full capacity 730 ml / Usable capacity 13.05 oz - Base full capacity 24.6 oz
  • Component Specific Use and Care
    Base: Dishwasher safe
    Blade insert: Not dishwasher safe, Hand wash
    Bottom cover: Dishwasher safe
    Paddle insert: Dishwasher safe
    Top Cover: Not dishwasher safe, Hand wash


Healthy Helper: Adding chopped herbs, onion and garlic to your recipes can reduce the amount of salt needed for seasoning. More taste, less salt!

For optimal chopping, make sure herbs have been washed and thoroughly dried.

For best results:

When chopping dry ingredients like herbs, shallots, garlic pull cord 3-4 times and then shake the Chopper, using both hands, before continuing.

Cut larger ingredients into pieces 3cm/1.1inch in length to avoid blocking blades.

For medium-sized ingredients such as onions, divide into 4 pieces for medium sized onions and 8 pieces for larger ones. Same for other ingredients similar in size and shape.

Hard ingredients such as parmesan cheese and ginger should be cut into 1cm/.4 inch cubes.

Quick cleaning tip: Pour 50 ml water into the base of the Chopper Tall, add 1-2 drops liquid soap and blend for 10 sec. Disassemble the cover, quickly rinse and dry. Your product is clean in just a few seconds.

For optimal chopping results and to avoid damaging the product, here are the recommended maximum quantity per type of ingredients :

  • Fresh herbs​ 20g​
  • Kale​ 30g​
  • Garlic ​ 40g​
  • Onion (cut in 8/4)​ 120g
  • Carrots (2-3cm)​ 160g
  • Celery (4cm)​ 80g
  • Chiles (3-4cm)​ 120g​​
  • Tomatoes​ 140g
  • Lemon Grass ​ 15g​
  • Rhubarb (4cm)​ ​80g
  • Strawberries ​ 140g​
  • Parmesan cheese (cubes 1x1cm)​ 40g​
  • Hazelnuts 150g​
  • Almonds 150g​
  • Pecan ​ 150g​
  • Sunflower Seeds 140g
  • Butter cookies ​60g

To use:

Remove the mechanism/cover from the base by firmly holding the base and unscrewing the bayonet in a counterclockwise direction until it is unlocked. Make sure the blade insert is inside the base before adding ingredients, and place the ingredients into the base equally on each side of the blade insert.

The Tall Chopper can be filled to the measurements found all around the base of 400ml/13.5oz. Never exceed this line to allow the SuperSonic Chopper Tall to perform at its best. Place the cover back on the base by screwing the bayonet clockwise until you feel it lock onto the base.

Always use the SuperSonic Chopper on a countertop or dry, stable surface. To chop, hold it firmly by placing one hand on it, and pull the cord in fast, straight movements with the other hand. Start directly to pull in fast movements so that the mechanism does not get stuck

The more times you pull the cord, the finer the results will be. For best results when chopping dry ingredients, pull cord 3-4 times and then shake the Chopper, using both hands, before continuing, so that the ingredients that have stuck to the walls come back in the center. Afterwards, put the Chopper back on the countertop and continue to pull until the ingredients have been chopped to the desired size. We recommend checking results after every other pull as you get used to using your Chopper. You'll soon learn how many pulls you need in order to reach your desired result–coarse or fine.

If your recipe includes both dry (herbs, garlic, shallots, etc.) and liquid ingredients, chop the dry ingredients first, then add liquids and continue blending if needed.

Remove the cover by using one hand to hold down the base and the other hand to unscrew the bayonet counterclockwise and lift up the cover vertically. Remove the blade insert by holding it by the larger part at the top. Scoop the contents out of the base using the Silicone Spatula Thin.

If you want to mix without chopping, then use the paddle insert instead.

To disassemble: The SuperSonic Chopper tall can be disassembled into four parts: the base, blade insert, top cover and the bottom cover.

Remove the mechanism/cover from the base by firmly holding the base and unscrewing the bayonet in a counterclockwise direction until it is unlocked.

Lift the upper cover.

Hold the cover with both hands and push the red button with your thumb.

At the same time, twist the upper and bottom covers in opposite directions. The red button should follow the direction of the arrow to the unlock pictogram.

To assemble:

Align the red button of the top cover with the beginning of the arrow pictogram marked in the inner part of the bottom cover. You know it’s in place once you don’t see the button anymore and there is no gap between both covers.

Twist the covers in opposite directions until you see the red button.


Warning: Blades are extremely sharp, always take extra caution when manipulating or cleaning them.

Keep the SuperSonic Chopper out of reach of children.

The SuperSonic Chopper Tall is ideal for use with soft and semi-soft ingredients where the high speed is necessary to cut properly. 

Do not use hard ingredients such as coffee beans, sugar cubes, sea salt, cloves and star anise in the Chopper as they will get stuck in the blades and damage the base.

You do NOT need to pull the cord all the way out to get a good chopping result. Over pulling will damage the mechanism over time.

To remove food from the base of the Chopper, always use a non-metallic utensil, such as the KPT Thin Silicone Spatula. Metallic utensils will damage the base.

Do not use Silicone Spatulas on the blades as blades will damage the spatulas. Use the back side of a knife to scrape food off blades.

To clean thoroughly, disassemble the cover as explained before.

The following components are dishwasher safe:


Bottom part of the cover

Paddle insert

The following components must be hand washed:

Blades insert –To keep blades sharp, wash separately under running water, using a brush, after every use.

Top of cover–Clean by hand with a wet cloth after every use.

To clean the cord, pull it completely out of the top cover and place it under running water while making pulling movements. Dry afterward using Microfiber Dish Drying Towel.

It is recommended that you rinse the your chopper immediately after each use to guarantee optimal performance when chopping. It will also facilitate cleaning and avoid possible odor formation and staining.

Don’t keep ingredients like ginger and citrus in the base for more than one day as they could damage the material.

If there are still odors left after washing—e.g., onion or garlic—soak the base for one hour in a solution of 1 tablespoon dishwashing powder and 1L warm water and then rinse.

Before putting the cover on the base, always make sure the rim of the base is perfectly clean to prevent food from gluing together the base and the cover.

Do not screw or unscrew the top cover's mechanism, as that can damage it.

Do not overflow with oil and take care to always wait few seconds before removing and putting the cover upside down so oil does not go into the cover.

Staining may occur, but this will not affect the performance of the SuperSonic chopper.

Never carry the SuperSonic chopper by the cord.

To store, always put blade protector on and position blade insert in the center of container, over pin. Place paddle whisk inside container with whisk "head" facing upward. Put mechanism/cover on.

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