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Super Dicer

Super Dicer

SKU: 11160558

Cooking at home is an amazing habit that helps you have a healthier lifestyle, bring families together and encourages you to be creative and adventurous, but every day we have less time to do it. Fortunately with the help of Tupperware multifunctional products, you will be able to prep in less time and achieve professional result every day.

While cooking at home is great, having enough time to do all the necessary chopping and dicing of your ingredients can be a challenge. And who can forget those tears that come with chopping pesky onions?

The solution?

Tupperware Super Dicer can greatly CUT THE TIME from prep to plate. It is a handy kitchen gadget that has 3 interchangeable, super-sharp blades that chop, dice and slice in a second. Plus, no more pesky onion fumes and no more tears.

Super Dicer is a must-have kitchen tool for faster and more creative cooking every day. This versatile dicer is perfect for preparing salads, salsa, french fries, onions, garlic and more.

The compact design takes up minimal space on your countertop when preparing dishes and in your cupboard when not in use, with all blades fitting neatly inside the container. The non-slip container will hold your diced ingredients until you're ready to cook. The ultra-clear container also allows you to see how much you have diced so far.

Even better, no electricity is required so you can use your Super Dicer anywhere.

Build healthier habits for your family using the Super Dicer. It is Super-easy to use, so every member of the family can use it, even kids (always under supervision of an adult). So bring your kids to the kitchen and have fun preparing everything for a healthy dinner time.

With the fast and versatile Super Dicer you will be able to:

  • Dice everything for omelets in those busy mornings (peppers, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and more).
  • Dice fruits like strawberries, melon, apples, and pears in no time for healthy fruits salads.
  • Cut everything for soups and stews. Evenly dice food helps even cooking so all veggies will cook perfectly including potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, zucchini, peppers, and eggplant.
  • It's a must for french fry lovers. Slice potatoes and sweet potatoes like a pro.


Tupperware Super Dicer offers you a super powerful food dicer that can greatly CUT THE TIME from prep to plate. A handy kitchen gadget that has 3 interchangeable, super-sharp blades that chop, dice and slice in a second. Plus, no more pesky onion fumes thanks to the bottom container that collects all your cuts.

Quick Bladez technology that cuts in seconds: Specially engineered 3 interchangeable super-sharp blades, sharpened to perfection to cut in just seconds.

No Pesky Onion fumes. No more tears: Pesky onion fumes are withheld in a container underneath blades.

100 dices in one press: Precision Dicing. Ideal for cutting onions, potatoes, carrots or cucumbers.

Quick Slice with One Swift Press: Dice, chop and slice your vegetables in one easy motion.

Non Slip Bottom Base: Non-slip base helps keep your dicer stays in place while in use.

Mess Free prepping: No more vegetables flying all over the countertop, the 700ml container below collects everything including juices.

Even Cuts, even cooking: Always have your ingredients cook to perfection.


  • Material
    Blades: ABS, Stainless Steel
    Container: Specials
    Full Product: ABS, Silicone, Specials
    Plunger: ABS
    Top Cover: ABS, Silicone
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Container: W 10 x H 7 x L 26 Ø - cm / W - x H - x L - Ø - inch
    Full Product: W 11 x H 13 x L 26 Ø - cm / W 4.3 x H 5.1 x L 10.2 Ø - inch
    Top Cover: W 11 x H 7 x L 26 Ø - cm / W 4.3 x H 2.7 x L 10.2 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Container: 700 ml / 24 oz
    Full Product: 700 ml / 24 oz
  • Component Specific Use and Care
    Blades: Dishwasher safe
    Container: Not dishwasher safe
    Plunger: Dishwasher safe
    Top Cover: Dishwasher safe



  • Make sure your food fits properly within the metal blades.
  • For dices pre-slice your food at the desired thickness and then place it over the blades and press.
  • For better dicing results, do not use food that is too ripe.
  • Remove core and pits of fruits like apples and peaches before pressing them.
  • Slice long pieces of veggies and fruits before passing them through the Super Dicer to get even dices in one press.

Use and Care

  • Always wash and rinse your new product before first use.
  • WARNING! You MUST use the food guider [pusher) at all times when in use. DO NOT USE the product WITHOUT THE FOOD GUIDER [PUSHER). The blade is sharp and may cause injury if food guider is not used.
  • DO NOT attempt to sharpen the blade.
  • If the product is dropped, allow the product to fall on the floor. DO NOT attempt to catch it in mid-air; this may result in injury.
  • WARNING! Avoid touching the blade(s) as it is (they are) extremely sharp.
  • The high-quality blade is designed to cut with minimal force and MUST but used with the utmost care.
  • Always keep out of reach of children or person with relevant impairments. Do not leave the product unattended when children or persons with relevant impairments are present.
  • Always hold the blade insert by the plastic side; never grasp it by the blade. Blades are not intended for crushing ice, as this will damage them.
  • When not in use, the product should be set in locked position.
  • DO NOT put your hands in the path of the blades.

Instructions to use:

  • Attach Dicer top to the container base. Place the narrow side first and click the wider part second.
  • Lift the top handle and place the desired blade, making sure you place the tab into the righ hole and proceed to secure the locking system.
  • On the top handle, attach the pusher, latching the 2 pins, and press to lock.
  • Place food on blade, hold the chopper base and handle, press to dice.
  • After use, you can place the top cover upside down into the container to store it.

Cleaning Guidelines

  • WARNING! Wash the blade with caution as it is extremely sharp. When washing by hand, use a brush to avoid touching the blade.
  • It is recommended that you wash the blade immediately after each use and rinse the product thoroughly. After cleaning, allow to dry, then assemble the product and immediately set it to the locked position.
  • Never let the blade come in contact with other metal, ceramic or glass instruments as this could damage and dull the cutting edge. Never let the blades come in contact with silicone parts or products as the blade could damage them.
  • You may use any household cooking oil to remove food stains. Staining does not impact the performance of the product and is not covered by the Tupperware warranty.
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