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Spinning Chef

Spinning Chef

SKU: 11117758

Every household needs a simple but reliable salad spinner… and Tupperware's Spinning Chef stands out as the preferred choice. It conveniently occupies minimal space when not in use, making it a practical addition to any kitchen.

Stop spending more money on buying salad greens in bags! Buy a whole head of lettuce and prepare it yourself with the Tupperware Spinning Chef. You’ll save money, avoid plastic waste and gain in delicious, fresh flavor. This handy, versatile and efficient salad spinner will allow you to wash and dry all types of lettuce, herbs, spinach and other greens to perfection.

Tdvanced spinning gear is extremely easy to use. It requires very little force to start rotating the knob: you can even do it with two fingers! When the handle turns once, the gear makes the colander turn four times, rapidly achieving high rotation speed while remaining stable thanks to the anti-skid ring at the bottom.

The amount, shape and size (maximum 5.5mm) of the indents in the colander are specifically designed for optimal draining of the salad while minimizing the amount of leaves that escape.

As you spin, the bowl collects the drained water, and additional space beneath colander minimizes friction and contact between greens and excess water. An efficient pouring spout is located on the cover, allowing excess water to be efficiently poured out without removing the cover.

The colander's three bottom "feet" allow it to easily drain warm or cold foods.

Paired with a handy leak proof and airtight lid for those who like to prepare ahead of time and preserve optimally or take on the go, the Spinning Chef also doubles as a stylish salad bowl – simply remove the colander and place the contents directly into the base.

Its compact size takes up minimal room in your cupboard when not in use.

The Spinning Chef is simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, to keep prepping salad a breeze until the last step!


Introducing the Spinning Chef - the must-have salad spinner for every home! Its efficient design ensures perfectly dried salads and herbs with minimal effort. Compact and easy to use, it's the ideal addition to any kitchen. Enjoy hassle-free salad preparation!

Easy spinning mechanism:  Advanced, highly engineered gear system dries salad greens and herbs using only 2 fingers!

No need to open the cover for draining: Drain in one go thanks to the discreet built-in cover notch.

Smart design colander holes: Amount, shape and size of indents optimize draining and minimize escape of leaves.

Anti-skid ring: Provides optimal stability during spinning.

Airtight and leak proof lid: Keeps salad fresh, crispy, and easy to transport with confidence.

Versatile: Translucent base can be used as an elegant serving or versatile storage bowl, while colander's three elevated "feet" allows for efficient draining of pasta and more directly in the sink.


  • Material
    Full Product: PP, PE, SEBS
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W - x H 18 x L - Ø 23 cm / W - x H 7.1 x L - Ø 9.1 inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 3.9 L / 1 Gal


We recommend using the Spinning Chef only with salad greens and herbs. Heavier ingredients like vegetables or fruits might unbalance the basket and damage the product. 

How to wash and dry your salad greens optimally:

Remove colander from bowl and place in sink.

Fill the base with cold water and place the salad leaves in the water to wash them.

Transfer the salad leaves to the colander to drain them.
N.B.: Do not overfill the colander. Overfilling could prevent the salad leaves from being thoroughly dried.

Place the colander back in the bowl: the colander self centers in the bowl.

Place cover on top of bowl and gently rotate the knob for 10 to 20 seconds.

Remove excess water by pouring out water using spout in cover.

Spin again for 5 to 10 seconds to dry the salad completely.

You can use the seal to preserve the salad leaves in the fridge or to instantly coat your salad leaves with dressing. (See Tips section)

Cleaning and Storage

The anti-skid ring is only suitable for the dishwasher when placed on the base. Putting the anti-skid ring in the dishwasher by itself could alter its shape and prevent it from fitting on the base after dishwashing.

The spinner disc can be disassembled from the bottom of the cover for thorough cleaning. Simply hold the cover with one hand and place your fingers in the openings of the spinner disc while placing your thumb in the pouring spout to disassemble both parts.

Do not try to remove the top disc from the cover, the upper part of the handle from the lower part of the handle or the handle from the top disc. Those parts are not meant to be disassembled. Breakage of the drive disc due to disassembling from the cover is not covered by the warranty. The same goes for disassembling the upper part of the handle from the lower part of the handle and disassembling the handle from the drive disc.

The Spinning Chef is dishwasher safe. Make sure that the base is not compressed in the dishwasher. Compressing it could deform the product.

The less water you have left on your salad leaves, the better the dressing sauce will coat.

For instant and easy coating of the salad with the dressing: After spinning, remove both the cover and colander, dry the bowl, add salad greens and 50 ml dressing back into the bowl, then seal, shake and serve! Ready to serve!

For easy and compact storage, simply leave the colander in the base and place the cover upside down to create a flat surface. Place lid on top.

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