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Recycline Chop Collector 2.5L

Recycline Chop Collector 2.5L

SKU: 11162264

A product you never knew you needed until now! The multi-purpose Chop Collector is great for freeing up precious counter space. The handle was thoughtfully designed to hang onto a kitchen drawer. It is an easy-to-use recycling container for peels, trimmings, coffee grounds, eggshells and more. Use to hold whole ingredients, chopped ingredients or any vegetable scraps!

It is also perfect for gathering chopped ingredients from your cutting board and pouring them into a pan on the stovetop mess-free, thanks to the wide pouring spout.

The cover is also very versatile! Not only does it protect food from dust or bugs, it also can be used as a spatula to collect chopped food from your cutting board. Or, use it as a spoon rest to keep countertops clean. The cover can also rest vertically on the base’s handle, staying out of the way while Chop Collector is in use.

The Collector is even great for gardening/composting! Use to collect coffee grounds, eggshells or fruit and vegetable peelings to add to your garden's compost pile.

Our vision as a company is to use our business opportunities and our products to make an impact on the world around us. The Chop Collector is part of our Recycline range, made with more than 50% recyclable material.


Invented by Earl Tupper in 1961 and recently modernized to the version you see today, the Recycline Chop Collector has been an indispensable household product for decades! 

This easy-to-use recycling container holds peels, trimmings, coffee grounds, eggshells and more; and doubles as a container for chopped ingredients. Even better, the handle is designed to hang on drawers, saving precious countertop space.

Sustainable: Our Recycline Chop Collector is made of more than 50% recyclable material.

Green living: Use the Chop Collector to collect produce peels or trimmings, coffee grounds or eggshells for your garden's compost or take it to a local compost center.

Saves space: Triangular shape fits nicely into a kitchen corner. When in use, save space on your work surface by hanging the Collector by the handle on a drawer.

Versatile cover: The Chop Collector's cover also can be used as a small tray, spoon rest, or as a spatula to easily collect chopped food from a cutting surface.

One-hand opening: Grab with one hand and lock cover vertically into the handle during use.

Hygienic: Cover protects ingredients from dust and rounded corners make it easy to clean.




Chop Collector has four slots on bottom of base for draining food scraps into sink. Open holes with a small screwdriver that fits into size of hole--do not use a larger screwdriver as it may damage or break the bottom of the product.

Do not use cover as a cutting board.

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