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KPT Thin Silicone Spatula

KPT Thin Silicone Spatula

SKU: 11126299

Sturdy, yet comfortable, this KPT Silicone Spatula Thin features a long handle that lets you reach into any bowl or deep, narrow jar to scrape out every last drop.

Easily mix your ingredients with no added friction! It is the perfect tool for emulsifying chocolate, spreading icing or jam on small desserts, stirring sauces on the stove and so much more.

The head has two sides; one is rounded and flexible, making it great for scraping down straight sides, while the other is perfect for getting into any corner of mixing bowls or dishes. You can always make sure that you won’t waste a single bite because this spatula will ensure all contents are scraped out! The silicone heads are heat resistant, up to 100°C, stain resistant AND easy to clean!

Its textured, heat-resistant handle provides a sturdy grip and the hole at the end allows for convenient hanging when not in use.

Children are always disappointed that they can't lick the batter from the bowl because with the Silicone Spatula Thin, there will never be a drop of batter left!


Never waste a single bite! Collect every last bit of food from jars, containers with narrow openings, small or tall, thanks to the silicone material and flexible tip.

Durable and heat-resistant up to 100°C can be used for mixing or scraping out warm sauces in a pot.

Hygienic and high grade: Our premium high grade silicone spatula is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It won't retain odors and germs like wooden kitchen tools.

Hang your KP Tool using the small hole at the end of the handle. 


  • Material
    Full Product: PBT, TPE, Silicone
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 2.6 x H - x L 28.5 Ø - cm / W 1 x H - x L 11.2 Ø - inch
  • Max Temp (°C/°F)
    Full Product: 100°C / 210°F


The KPT Silicone Spatula Thin is your new go-to tool for mixing small amounts of food and scraping bowls and jars completely clean! Your glass jars are ready to be recycled and no food is wasted! Our durable and versatile silicone spatula can be used with all types of materials, from non-stick to aluminum to stainless steel cookware. This spatula is a sturdy, yet comfortable kitchen essential featuring one rounded corner and one square corner for mixing sauces and batters in any shaped bowl, pot, or pan then scraping it into another container without leaving a trace! 

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