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Cool Cubes

Cool Cubes

SKU: 11112914

Make it fancy! Our ice trays allow you to freeze fruit, edible flowers and herbs to create the prettiest party cubes ever.

Freezes coffee, teas, fruit juices, and more to enhance the flavor of water, mocktails, and cocktails.

Thanks to its unique design with a soft underside in each cavity, ice cubes are extremely easy to remove.

Tupperware’s Cool Cubes have an easy-apply, soft and flexible seal that prevents spillages on the countertop, on the way to and into the freezer.

The seal also keeps ice cubes fresh and doesn’t allow flavors to be transferred into the ice cubes.

Unique easy filling system and perfect shape:

  • When the upper lid is applied on the base, the Cool Cubes unit can be conveniently filled through a special filling cap.
  • On the upper lid, there is a filling indicator line. This line prevents overfilling and massive ice block formation, ensures ice cubes have a uniform shape and that the Cool Cubes unit is filled to its maximum level.
  • The base contains open bridges, which allow liquids to quickly fill the entire base. This creates uniformly shaped ice cubes


No more hassle with this ice cube tray, thanks to its simple pop-out design.  Simply fill, freeze and pop out for your next cool beverage. 

Fresh Everytime - Thanks to the lid, your ice cubes will remain free of odors or any spills on top, giving you pure ice.

Pop Out - Easy pop-out design allows you to easily remove your ice cubes one by one as needed, without the hassle of twisting and turning.

Clever filling line - allows you to fill in one go, with the lid on, ensuring each cavity is uniformly filled.

Space-saving and Stable - the 4 legs allow you to stack several trays on top of each other in stable fashion in the freezer.


  • Material
    Full Product: PP, Soft TPE, PE
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 11 x H 4.4 x L 29.1 Ø - cm / W 4.3 x H 1.7 x L 11.4 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 300 ml / 10 oz


Do not use fatty foods such as broth, pure chocolate, mousse, seasoned butter, cream or gelatine preparations containing meat, vegetables or fish in the ice cube tray.

To fill the Cool Cubes:

Ensure the soft underside is pushed down in each cavity.

Apply the upper lid onto the base. Open the filling cap fully.

Hold the sealed unit at a 45° angle and pour liquids into the unit via the special filling cap. Continue pouring until the filling indicator line is reached.

Firmly click the filling cap back into the recessed position. A clicking sound indicates the filling cap is fully closed. 

Lightly shake horizontally to make sure the water is leveled to the same height in each cavity.

To pop out ice cubes:

Remove Cool Cubes unit from the freezer and remove upper lid by lifting the large tab.

Turn the tray over and push on the soft, flexible base of each ice cube to push the ice cubes out. If necessary, twist the tray slightly.

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